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Mainly a group of boys who call each other by the name boyka.

Because they find themselves pretty good looking and are very god damn full of themselves.
To the rest of the (dutch) population this shows that they're complete dickheads, and/or fuckboys. please, if you are a dutch guy, then please for the love of god don't call your friend or yourself a boyka. if so, then please burn in hell, satan would love to personally snap your neck and throw into a burning hole of misery.

-sincerely, every dutch person ever.
Dutch boy 1: 'heeey boyka, let's smoke some weed tonight, and fuck some bitches.'

Dutch boy 2: 'why do I even hang out with you, you should go to hell for being such a word abuser.'
by hatingonallofyoufuckboys on Feb 25, 2015

tags: fuckboy, hell, dutch, horrible, boy

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