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the word "yet" is a word that can change your life!
Boy:do u have a boyfriend?"
Girl:"Not Yet"
door isa22 28 februari 2011

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not another is no so you a are best it the to word gay in sex synonyms very sure why
redneck word meaning huge perky tits
god damn, troy did you see them yets?
door feller 12 november 2006
Nickname given to individuals from areas commonly referred to as "the sticks" like Iowa or Kansas. These individuals often use the word yet as a filler word similar to "umm" or "uhh", but in an improper manner which is not related to time or tenses.
Zane and Mark yet are going yet to get pizza yet.
door K-Not So Fat 23 november 2009
The best word ever invented.
Girl 1 - You got a boyfriend?
Girl 2 - No.
Girl 1 - What bout a girlfriend?
Girl 2 - No.. not yet anyway
door The_unknown_dude 26 april 2007