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womens rights! GET IT? LOL!
door MikeTazer 9 augustus 2008
361 193
A Joke; nonexistent.
"wanna hear a joke?... Women's rights."
door Lickmi Hymen 7 augustus 2006
968 705
A joke just like black power
Sami thinks she has womens rights but is cook and clean
door datrell jenkins 1 april 2005
489 249
Defined by logical people: Everything men have, women get. Everything women have, men get.

Defined by politicians and women: Everything men have, women get. Everything women have, they keep.
Today, virtually anything exclusive to men (clubs, groups, etc) are being attacked by women's groups for not allowing women, yet there are hundreds of things (colleges, clubs, etc) exclusive to women that weren't even asked to admit men.
door BusinessMan 17 mei 2005
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A joke often taken far to seriously by middle aged females.
Man 1 : Dude wanna hear a joke?
Man 2 : Sure.
Man 1 : Women's Rights!
Man 1 & 2 : AHAHAHAH!!
Women 1 : Thats not funny, thats sexist.
Man 1 : Go make me a sandwich woman!
door K-MART4lyfe 29 april 2011
214 117
a job for women who think they are helping the community, not many people think they are.
Mitchell: "hey ben tell a joke!"


door women suck 28 juli 2005
293 203
Cooking, cleaning and pleasing her man.
Quote by President Barack Obama: "Women have no right living on Earth and breathing the oxygen that belong to men. The only reason we keep them around is for their cooking, cleaning and their talent in blow jobs."

- Obama on Womens Rights
door Angry Rhino 1 juli 2009
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