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1. A person who is considered strange to other people. This person may do strange things, so this person can be considered a "weirdo".
2. A non-comformist who does not follow trends or a subculture. A true 'weirdo' will juat do what they feel, and can get along with most people. This person does not actually conform to a stereotype and shouldn't be labled.
1. Eww, he dunks his chicken nuggets in milk and hawks loogies. What a weirdo.
2. She listens to 80's music and wears tye-dye. What a weirdo.
door Valley80sgurl 4 mei 2005
1157 306
the true definition of cool, unlike the hollywood lame version. weirdos are the real deal folks.
the weirder the better! weirdos rock.
Wow Jim is such a weirdo! That's why I put honey mustard on his car door.
door Maury Finkelstein 5 augustus 2007
705 293
Weird Person. Usually nonconformist.

door Richard [Zeratual] 30 november 2002
475 233
Catch-all term invented in the 1950's by low-intelligence conformists to denigrate anyone different or smarter than them. Usually used by children, idiots, and the vocabulary-challenged.
ooh, she actually reads books for fun - what a weirdo!!
door skullyJohnson 30 juni 2010
249 147
a person who is weird.
"Betty is such a weirdo."
door Cashamadaya 7 december 2003
248 177
odd person
Weirdo is the best odd yahoo developer there is out there
door Yahoo Weirdo 24 februari 2009
149 107
a.) someone that does not see the world like the majority...

b.) rapping & singing up in your ear hole....

c.) The person in their own zone that people think is strange, who is coming up with a master plan
@ CarringtonSpitz

I can't believe he just licked that girls ear lobe, he's such a weirdo
door just another Weirdo 9 september 2011
55 31