A beautiful, awesome girl who is your best friend and is always by your side. Turtles demonstrate excessive cuteness and happiness that fills your heart with joy. They also possess a beautiful ass. Frequently, Turtles have a stupid, short-tempered friend who takes their friendship for granted, but the Turtle forgives him with no remorse because of her angelic heart.
She's not just my best friend. She's my Turtle.
door TechTuna 17 juli 2011
Turtle is a game that requires at least 3 people. In order to play one player must have the urge to pass gas. When he/she is ready to fart, the players gather a large blanket. The player who has to fart will stick his ass under the blanket and the other players will stick their heads under the blanket. While the aforementioned body parts are submerged under the blanket the lead player will then fart under the blanket. The game is as simple as follows:
The player who can keep his head under the blanket the longest to tolerate the smell of the fart wins. This is a gentleman's game so under most circumstances the fart will be done with clothing covering the bare bottom.
Person 1: Yo guys, I need to rip ass.

Person 2: You guys down to play a game of Turtle?

Persons 3 and 4: Of course! Grab your little sisters Cinderella blanket and let's play!
door Buffalo Blue 24 maart 2014
The last of the anaspids, they are chelonians.
You don't understand what I said.
door Anonymous 3 mei 2003
Unofficial term for the compressor in an air-conditioning system or refrigerator/freezer. Resembles a turtle, usually black and has 4 mounts that resemble legs.
Its hot as hell in here...the repair guy said the turtle overheated and seized up again...
door DieselFag 17 april 2010
This term came about through a very popular cartoon of a helmet topping off a pair of boots to signify the veteran with just a short time left in his enlistment and keeping a REALLY low profile, turtle-like, trying to make it out alive. Among VietNam and older veterans a challenge term by which infantrymen recognized each other.

When a veteran infantryman would meet another veteran, the question would be asked: "Are you a turtle?". To which the challenged veteran would have to either reply "You bet your sweet ass I am!" or have to buy the challenging veteran a drink.
Army veteran: "Are you a turtle?"

Marine veteran: "You bet your sweet ass I am".
door 19D4L 23 augustus 2012
girls that are extremely scared of traveling to new york city for a fun night of free transportation, alcohol and high profile parties at some of the best places in new york. they will go back into their shell like turtles after being invited or asking to come hours before.
(John) Hey do you wanna go out to new york city with free bottles and table service at a club with jay-z, beyonce, reggie bush, drake, and other celebrities?

(Jane) yea sounds good let me know

four hours later....

( John) ok were getting ready to leave ru coming?

No response by text or phone and can later be found at a local dive bar.

(John) damn turtles
door Thuggish Ruggish bonezzz 22 maart 2010
To become extremely shy in a situation.
He called me cute, so I began blushing and I hid in my blankets like a turtle.
door Bigglesworth Boohigglesbee 6 augustus 2008
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