a shallow minded person, who is great for Only sexual pleasures
That Travis was great last night, I'll call him next week to help me out
door TigerLilly12 25 maart 2009
Sexy, Cute, and an amazing sweet talker. Caring, and Makes everyone feel loved. Makes good grades, and works to make his goals. Knows how to make you feel cared, and how to make you even tear up out of happiness. He knows best<3 he's wonderful, amazing, special and My everyday hero. The best friend, amazing listener.
That was so sweet, Like a Travis.

He looks so sexy, such a Travis.
door Mynameishisbestfriend 4 juni 2012
The best guy you will ever meet!

He will love you right and make any girl feel like a princess, He loves you for you and wouldn't want you any other way. When he tells you something, he means it.

He loves you right!

If you have a Travis in your life, Marry him.

You wont find anyone else like him.

The most badass, awesome, tough, scary, insane, jealous, great, moody, loud, beast.

He is very caring for those close to him, but say one word to him and he will kick your ass.


Don't mess with this mother fucker.

Travis = BEASTLY. Trav's bad assness is undeniable he is THE bad ass of all bad asses, this is why the ladies love him.

Travis is weird, the good weird, not the creeper weird.

Travis is most sarcastic, random person you'll ever come in contact with. He is hilarious, yet slightly annoying. He loves his family and he's loyal to his friends. If you are not worthy enough to have Travis like you.. be afraid, very afraid.
Travis will make you cry, and have fun doing it, cause Travis is always having fun, even when he isn't, again undeniable bad assness.

A true Travis hates Obama.
Also, he is a ninja.
Travis is a kick ass mother fucker, don't fuck with him.
door SK8FORLIFE86 16 oktober 2014
Travis is an impressive man of wit and brawn. He's a stud with the ladies and often is overcome by so many women wanting his enormous junk. He is a virtuoso at everything he does and is the proverbial anti-chris. Travis is the kryptonite of Chris and is the only hope the world has for defeating the mighty Chris. He battles with his powerful allies: Roger Federer, Taylor Lautner, Rafael Nadal, Michael Schumacher, Jeremy Clarkson, and the almighty Datsun 280Z. Travis can defeat Chris only with the power of the stock 1978 Datsun 280Z because it is poison to Chris, comparable to a silver bullet to a werewolf.
Holy fuck, I think that was just Travis and his counterparts coming from the great battle of Chris vs. Travis. He must have slain the beast and claimed his beautiful latina girlfriend for his own.
door Rogerfedsun280z 6 december 2010
an alien who sets science books on fire. ;]
travis recorded him setting books on fire !
door angelica rf. 30 augustus 2008
The name Travis symbolises a legendary male... a great mate, always there in times of need Travis's are awesome people, can be the biggest smartarses, complete jokers, Super great to hang with never be bored with a Travis.
Travis is such a funny boy!
door Anom writer. 20 maart 2014
A tie dye ninja using skilled hands and dimples on prey Travis is extremely smart and cunning He thinks so much you will find yourself intrigued by the things you dont know or understand about him handsom with a great butt and skin Modest even though he knows he's a legend on the streets and between the sheets. Loving Travis is inevitable if he wants it He loves his girl even though she's crazy She is also awesome and loves him too He is complex Its always usually interesting He has a big sexy man muscle with great pubes He is funny The best cuddler in town He can party a GOOD friend or GIRLFRIEND is advised to be around for it Travis mostly never dosent smell sexy He could rock a drip of patchouli for a week but rarely does chain smokes in his sleep but the person who usually babysits while he's sleeping would not rather be keeping anyone else from burning down the house He loves his Mama He's a Taurus on the cusp of Aries and fits his sign well He is good at anything he wants to be good at anything he puts his mind to Travis cant make up his mind He is tall and fun to look at unknown if a Travis can sing but its been said he does Karaoke Travis likes flashy lights colors tech tv sex steak girls in underware cramps in his feet tools partying secrets sleeping cuddling cats feeling groovy loving games festivals Neil Young and pillows. Travis also means; at a cross road
Im stopped at a travis, who has the right of way?
door ~cstoy~ 7 april 2012
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