Dog shit novelist extraordinare. All his stories are about terrorist or communists getting their asses whomped by the "free", democratic western countries. Even though his stories are generic and boorish, they do make for mildly entertaining movies (Hunt For Red October), and pretty decent videogames (Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, etc).
Even though his stories are mostly shit. His success is quite high. His obscene crap-to-money ratio amazes us all. So Tom Clancy, for that, I salute you.
In fact. One man (Maddox) proved once and for all that anyone can make a storyline which equals anything Clancy can write. Don't believe me? Just check it out under "Five shitty movies that everybody loves" at, at the bottom of the page is the "Tom Clancy Plot Generator", using this, I have created a plot just as good as anything Tom Clancy could make:..
Communists devise a scheme to take over a generic industrial compound for ransom under the watchful eye of corrupt German officials (played by Americans with fake German accents). The plot twists when the Communists threaten to blow up the White House even after their demands are met. Millions of lives are at stake unless a rookie CIA agent eager to prove his worth can overcome his brooding self-doubt and stop the Communists once and for all. The movie ends with a mildly comical and/or ironic scene in which the Communists blow up or go to prison. Another satisfying tale of political intrigue and personal redemption closes, and we all walk away from this movie a little wiser.
door You don't need to know my name. 26 april 2005
Top Definition
Whoever think this guy doesn't write good books is f***ing retarted. Patriot Games and Rainbow Six are two of the greatest books of all time, and if you don't think so you probably can't read. Either that or you haven't actually read his books.
Tom Clancy is one of the best authors of all time. He also has awesome movies and video games. Tom Clancy Kicks Ass!
#awesome #sweet #thrilling #jack ryan #rainbow 6
door stevedawg13 13 mei 2006
Great novelist, known for his realism in his novels he does research on the topics of his books.
Tom Clancy is my favorite author and I am a nerd.
#rainbow six #the bear and the dragon #hunt for red october #executive orders #dead or alive
door A Nerd who can read 3 januari 2011
1. Most commonly referring to/of the series of multimedia (books, games, etc) written or endorsed by famous novelist Tom Clancy (Marine!, Rainbow Six).

2. May also be an action similar to one displayed by his books' characters.
1. Rainbow Six is a great game to play online or with your friends!

2. "Yeah dude, that girl was so crazy, I had to Tom Clancy out of the window before she came back!"
#tom clancy #tom clancey #evade #escape #run away
door ScoutingRainbow 6 oktober 2012
Middling quality thriller novelist who probably does his homework on the research end of things, is full of American jingoism, and avoids including sex scenes in his books because he thinks that makes them more respectable. Has had two middling good movies made of his work, The Hunt for Red October and The Sum of All Fears.
Bernie says she'd rather watch the movies they make of his books than read Tom Clancy's originals.
#sean connery #alec baldwin #james earl jones #jeffrey jones #sam neill #ben affleck #morgan freeman #ciaran hinds #james cromwell
door Fearman 26 mei 2008
A way too patriotic douche who is completely obsessed with secret military shit and guns with scopes.
"Wow! Look at the new Tom Clancy game! It's about another group of muscular men in dark places wearing goggles."

"Dude! That is messed up!"
#gun nut #patriot #splinter cell #rainbow 6 #gay
door I swear to drunk, I'm not God! 25 oktober 2006
A sponsor of several UbiSoft games who doesn't actually write the books of the games he sponsors. Unlike what the other definitions say.
There's a new Tom Clancy game! He books must be good.

He doesn't write books dipshit.
#tom #clancy #ubisoft #books #guns
door JumpingPickle 31 augustus 2008
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