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someone who smokes with your drugs(marijuana, crack) then leaves
joe and adam smoke with joes marijuana , then adam leaves (smokebombs) joe
door Deibs 4 februari 2010
0 5
To vanish without detection from a big night out on the booze with friends.
Can happen for various reasons including but not limited too picking up, incoherence, vomit etc.
Rob: What happened to Jim last night?

Clint: I think he smoke bombed after he met that trashy bitch
door Steele Adams 22 augustus 2007
70 15
The art of "throwing a smokebomb" is when a person leaves very suddenly without telling anyone. Usually when a group is out drinking and someone has had too much.
Joe threw a smokebomb last night. I think he'd had too much to drink.
door blackyuk 26 november 2010
14 2
A hot female
Hey Frankie look at the smokebomb walking down the street
door nhlhockey12345 18 augustus 2011
8 7
The hand gesture to tell others that you are drunk passed the point of being tipsy. The gesture is: hand motion of a ninja karate chop repeated several times in a row.
I drank to much its like I been blinded by a smokebomb, damn ninjas.
door Evaz 2 oktober 2013
0 2
a small fire cracker that pruduces alot of smoke for short time and has a strong order of sulfer
hay anyone got some smoke bombs
door tom 20 maart 2005
20 23
Noun: A very attractive young lady (or perhaps man) for which the term "smoking hot" is not sufficient to describe the magnitude of their attractiveness.
"Holy crap! That girl is a smoke bomb!"
door bren man 12 september 2006
22 27