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Someone you would thoroughly enjoy pushing down the stairs.
You're such a slinky.
door CatherineTramell 6 maart 2014
0 1
Used as a noun to describe someone that is basically good for nothing but puts a smile on your face if you push them down a flight of stairs.
"I've heard of new guys but this crew has a lot of slinkys in it. It's gonna be a long day."
door teenez 9 juli 2012
5 6
A heartbreaker, someone or something that causes woeful, deplorable grief or disappointment (as in Adele's heartbreaker).
Don't be Slinky! Please don't walk out the door and be Slinky! Sunday's football game was sooo Slinky!
door Timonde 17 februari 2012
11 13
Meth-heads and other assorted druggies that go up and down, up and down, up and down the stairs of apartment complexes all night long, like perpetual motion, making buys and then going on their way.
There goes another one headed up the stairs and back down like slinkies, I swear that's the twelfth slinky scorin' tonight! No wonder they can pay their rent!
door Papigringo 14 mei 2007
3 6
n. canine metaller. thought to be offspring of Dick Dastardly and Muttley. retains some typically canine behavioural traits eg. anal sniffing (see mafro).
that slinky's a real dog.
door metronome 27 oktober 2004
5 11
one who uses an excessive amount of gel in their hair.
"that rottner is such a slinky"
door slinky haterz 17 februari 2009
3 10
a slang term, popularized by the hip-hop group known as The Kidz, used to describe any gold, platinum, or silver chain of large-scale proportions worn around the neck as a fashion accessory
My slinky be rockin', and I be knockin' you up off yo feet!
door The Kidz Online 5 maart 2008
7 14