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Scottish word for "extremly tired"
"i was up chatting to Iain till 3am i'm shattered"
door Cawnar 18 februari 2005
153 43
To be as tired as fuck
"I just ran 10k and am fucking shattered"
door Brendan 10 oktober 2003
115 37
The Australian, more specifically western suburbs of Victoria, expression of disappointment.
"I couldn't get tickets for that concert - shattered!"
door Glittercake 30 juli 2008
47 21
To be extremely intoxicated to the point of not being able use the function of your extremeties
Kyle was so shattered last night that he hooked up with Metz.
door TK 12 november 2004
36 22
shattered to have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol
ian calling his mum to pick him up at 3am: hey ma! can you come and pick me up! im shattered!
door blossmmm 23 januari 2005
36 24
To break into a million pieces. To suddenly burst into fragments.

The thoughts of a million men trapped inside the chasm which is the mind of a future programmer.
The vace shattered into right before our eyes.
door Shattered 2 december 2003
55 50
A person who is very high from smoking marijuana, often looks very tired
John was so shattered after hitting that fatty bowl.
door krank the ram 1 mei 2010
22 22