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When a man has not received oral sex from a woman for at least 3 months, he is the allowed to freely receive oral sex from ANY woman without being judged by his friends and/or family.

When a man has not had sex with a woman for at least 6 months, he is then allowed to freely have sex with ANY woman WITHOUT being judged by his friends and/or family.

The woman may be fat, ugly, old, young, really fat, fugly, or any combination herein. There is NO JUDGING allowed of any man that is legally eligible for a reset. Never ever!
"Hey man, did you really have sex with that 300 pound chick with the mullet?!?"

"Yes bro, but you can kindly shut the fuck up because I'm on a reset, Ok?"

"Sorry dude, I didn't realize it had been that long since you had gotten laid... I won't judge though, do you need any more condoms?"
#reset #sex #ugly #fat #head
door TreeSmokerAZ 10 november 2009
The act of using wet paper towels to clean your ass and taint due to the effects of swamp ass and consistent wet farts, usually after walking outside on hot, humid days.

Usually performed to prevent cube or office mates from realizing that your smell like poop, though more likely than not, they already know. Can also use moist towelets, or baby wipes. Dry toilet paper cannot proivde the necessary solvent affects to deminish your smell.
Frank: Dude, I just walked back from the mall. I've got swamp ass and I've been farting all day...I think I need to reset.
Jim: Yea, its like 100 degrees out, and I can smell you from here, you should reset before the ladies...
Sally: WTF Frank, you small like you are swimming in your own feces, even a retard could tell that they should do a rest, God you are stupid.
#swamp ass #brown out #resset #crap #poop #stink ass
door Sapper Skip 17 september 2009
did you black out , wake up , not remember shit .. slowly come back from temporary amnesia ... 2 weeks later u remember everything ..... but your mood ... your not ACTUALLY angry anymore... nor happy... your ego is gone.. u know for a fact u have been drugged..

you probably got too angry and publicly viewed as unsafe.. so someone drugged your ass .. shit sucks ... i am sorry.. it happened to me too.
I got reset.

I can not remember VIVIDLY ... I can remember though.. its not the same.. these people are monsters ... they didnt ask me.. didnt tell me ... they just RESET me..
#drugged #memory #mentalhealth #saftey #problem
door Nigel Clark 17 maart 2013
The act of jamming one's finger against the forehead of someone mid sentence and saying "reset" in order to end what they are saying and move onto something more intelligent.
1. "Bean wouldn't shut up, so I reset her. Class was much quieter after that."
2. Bean: "I was watching Jersey Shore last night and"
Nate: "Reset" (action of stabbing forehead with finger)
Bean:"Owe!... what was I saying?"
Life continues.
#reset #finger jab #interrupt #re-due #end
door MPBW 12 april 2011
An old band that had members of Simple Plan, but unlike SP, they actually had good songs such as "Blew It Off" and "Go Away".
Teenybopper: Man, I LOOOOOOVE Simple Plan! Pierre is SOOOO HOT!
Normal Person: Do you like Reset, too?
Teenybopper: Reset?!?!?!?!
door Big M 13 maart 2004
reset is such a cool guy, he's niiiice and sweeeeeeet
door girl 4 juni 2003
One who does not take kindly to truthful urbandictionary entries.
<weshet> @#:$!@:#$%:@#%^:@#$%:!@"$:%"@!#$%!@L#$:!L@#$L!@:$#^!@#:$:!@#:^!:@#$:!@#^)!*@#($234768217348712347128374124356124^@34%!@#$!#@$^
door Anonymous 4 juni 2003
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