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When the race or ethnicity of a character in a story is changed to an ostensibly more "palatable" or "profitable" ethnicity.

(A common practice in Hollywood, where the most coveted roles are frequently given to white actors to play, even if originally, the character was a person of color. Aspiring actors of color are marginalized and may have to play "racebent" bad - guy characters that were originally white.)
Paramount is racebending the the characters of The Last Airbender--Sokka's going to be played by a sparkly sparkly vampire!

Are they really going to be racebending Sosuke Sagara into Zac Efron?

Jackson Rathbone's helpful guide to racebending: Pull up your hair and get a tan.

Dee Dee Ricket's helpful guide to racebending: You don't have to wear a big African thing, just put a scarf around your head and you'll be a Ukranian peasant. (And Koreans should wear kimonos!)
door jedifreac 18 september 2009
Race Bending


Someone either female or male who believes that by association with another race i.e friendship or relationship it gives them a higher understanding of what it means to be that ethnicity. This appears in forms such as cultural, style, religion, slang.
Race Bending:

A white guy using the word "nigga" outside his tight nit group of 2 black friends would result in hospitalization and possible coma.

Additional Example:

White woman who date predominantly black males of Jamaican decent using patois in everyday conversation with other white people.

Becky:Wah gwan boss mon
Supervisor:I'm sorry can you say that in English Rebecca?
Becky:I wana take brek now seen?
Supervisor:I can't understand you
Becky: (In proper english) I'm sorry, how is it going sir, I would like to take my break now please.
Supervisor:Oh...ok sure.
door mrcollinz 22 december 2012
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