A kind of minor surgery in which the doctor 'punches' down and removes a sample of skin, usually from the site of a suspicious mole.
"The biopsy from my punch says I have melanoma."
door Ibby C. 21 december 2005
used to refer to a beverage or dish that's kind of spicy or memorable in some way.

This bloody mary sure has some punch to it.
door bowstring 25 februari 2007
A gentle sign of affection; an immesurable sign of love for another person; a gentle touch. People often ask for these, so don't be shy.
'Hey, can I have a punch? I'm not feeling well.'
'Hey, mind if I punch you?'
'I love punching people, and I love it when they punch me back.'
door StupidTess 28 augustus 2008
to inflict fatal damage upon one with your fist.
Getting punched is obviously not good
door Dude 2000 8 oktober 2003
Verb1 - To take a shit
Verb2 - To consume an intoxicant
1. "I have to go punch."

2. "Let's punch some lager tonight"
"How about you hurry up and punch that bong"
door Richard Shanahan 4 december 2007
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