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stuck up, goody-two-shoes, self-centered, all-knowing, hard to please biatches.
she's so prissy. i can't take it!
door anti-priss 24 februari 2005
690 285
Femininely arrogant. Can apply to both males and females.
He/she is so prissy, it makes me puke!
door Denmo, August 30, 2005 30 augustus 2005
397 275
I would also say prim and proper. Very dainty girl. Very much lady like.

Don't b so mean guys. I wouldn't use bitch as a def.
I can't see her taking out the trash, she's to prissy.
door Terri aka PrissyT 15 april 2008
292 217
Someone who has characteristics of an uptight bitch that doesn't realize that their life effects other people. Spoiled brat.
Child celebrities often grow up to be prissy assholes with no futures.
door DudeoftheDay 4 maart 2005
331 266
Yall are so rude. Prissy is none of those things. The correct definition is prim and proper. Look it up.
The girl looked very prissy holding her teacup.
door K Kennedy 16 juli 2006
335 302
Excessively prim and proper, very picky or constantly primping.
The young countess looked daggers at her clothing designer; she hated these prissy dresses and his even prissier attitude.

The girl carefully lifted her teacup, too prissy to allow her tea to spill all over her lace dress.
door Loreleili 23 januari 2011
95 73
prissy means none of this.prissy is when your cutsy,elegant,classy,and sophisticated,and primpy.
ariel is prissy
door ****ms.ariel janae**** 19 januari 2009
118 110