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a city in japan, the second-largest next to Tokyo. probably the most liveliest people in japan live here.

Osaka is a pretty nice place and the people will be good to you most of the time.
But if you tell them you're a Tokyo Giants fan... then they'll kick the shit out of you.
o, and osaka has the best airport in the world, too.
door 5150 1 augustus 2004
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1) A city in Japan. Known for its unique dialect and stereotyped as full of rowdy Japanese.

2) The nickname of Ayumu Kasuga, a character from Azumanga Daioh
1) I went to Osaka last summer and ate Sata Andagi.

2) Osaka ran around last summer yelling "Sata Andagi, Sata Andagi!"
door Dark Shikari 22 augustus 2006
Possibly the greatest life form that exists in the whole universe, and she comes in anime form! Fear the Mighty Osaka-san for she will one day find a way to destroy the great army known as 'Chiyo's Pigtails'!

This superior being uses very intelligible phrases such as ''Sataa Andagi!'' and ''I've always wanted to trip on a banana peel and fall on my face!''

She is made of many types of win and ownage, and any attempt to defeat her will result in you being pwned to the highest degree.
Osaka: ''Last night, when I was alone in my room, from out of nowhere... I smelled a fart that wasn't mine.''

Osaka: ''You have a swimsuit tan. You could jump in the pool naked and know one would know you weren't wearing anything!''
door laurash65 13 juni 2008
Osaka is a Japanese big city, the third biggest after Tokyo and Yokohama. (For a long time Osaka used to be the second biggest.) Osaka locates mouth of the rivers that go through Kyoto, the old capital of Japan locating inland, thus Osaka became important trade, merchant, industrial city.
Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe are close each other and they consist hubs in Kansai region. They have distinctive dialect slightly differ from standard Japanese but that is cherished in Japan.
Osaka is also famous with various inexpensive foods and comedies.
I go to Osaka today and watch a comedy show and afterward eat there.
door ramunenakayama 30 november 2007
The act of raping someone with just the power of your mind.
David Blaine can Osaka people up to 15 miles away.
"I'm Osaka-ing your mom right now!"
"You totally Osaka'd that bitch."
door Popo. 8 mei 2007
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