Manliest state in the Country. Where men head-butt bison, punch deer in the face, and fight off tornadoes with their gargantuan dicks.
Man, did you see that Oklahoman punch that white-tail in the face? Epic.
door Jsteezy1129 1 mei 2010
A state that is actually pretty urban, and not hick country outback farm. If anyone lived here they would know what was going on. There or no cows where I live. Just street, buildings, and concrete.
I'm ridin' down to Norman, Oklahoma.
door ILLkiLLREALBUiLDIN 7 mei 2004
home of the quakenado.... one of the few places in the world where two natural disaster happen at the same time.
Dude I was in oklahoma last week and I had to run out side 'cause of the quake.... then the tornado horn went off and I had to go in the shelter! I know bro I hate QUAKENADOS!
door ddrift 19 november 2011
Oklahoma is a state that at first seems like a nice, friendly place. Then soon you realize that it is pretty nice, as long as you aren't black, gay, jewish, muslim, or a democrat.
I don't wanna drive through Oklahoma, I'm scared of rednecks.
door CGPinFL 11 juni 2009
I am a Texan by birth but am living in Oklahoma temporarlily. Tulsa is much prettier than any big texas city, and the poverty rate in Oklahoma is not nearly as bad as Texas' (last I heard Texas has the worst poverty and pollution in the nation). Texans tend to have very backwards political views, even in "progressive" Austin. "Liberal" in Texas means you don't agree with the execution of mentally retarded people, oppose anti-sodomy laws, and don't think people should be allowed to carry around fully auto machine guns. The only substantive difference between OK and TX is that TX has about 28 million people, and Oklahoma little over 3 million.
Prettier than Texas for the most part, much more mountainous on average. Nicer lakes. More of a "western", forward-looking political spirit than the arrogant, backwards political paradigm in Texas.
door radioboi 5 augustus 2004
OK! as in Oklahoma is OK. The crossroads of America and a beautiful state to live in. Oklahoma is one of the most geographically diverse states containing 10 distinct ecological regions and the only state with 11 ecological regions existing within its borders. We have 4 mountain ranges and while they are not the size of the Rockies they are beautiful and much older. Oklahoma has the largest population of Native Americans and combined they speak 25 native languages. A wonderful state to raise your children in and where your children learn how to be self sufficient not from being told how but by watching a state pull together in every tragedy that has come along be it natural disaster or a homegrown terrorist. Okies live together, work together, and help each other in good times a bad.
Oklahoma is OK!
door Proud Okie 2 februari 2010
Oklahoma is a state in the central south. Oklahoma is shaped like a pot and its panhandle has a flat elevation (aka mesa) called the Black Mesa. This state has 77 counties, one of which is at the tip of the panhandle called Cimarron County. Oklahoma borders Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Texas. This state isn't as horrible as others say it is. However, Oklahoma is the state with the most obese people.
Oklahoma's 2010 census estimate was around 3,751,351.
It is said to be boring, small, and full of hillbillies. This is an OPINION. In my opinion, Oklahoma is filled with many people of many races and cultures, is small enough for a smaller amount of crime, and sometimes too dry. This doesn't mean it is always hot. It snows around every other year or two. Oklahoma's capital is Oklahoma city. For more information on Oklahoma visit Wikipedia. If you want facts don't trust ALL of these results.
People who say "Everyone in Oklahoma is a hillbilly- I have to live here!" insulted themselves because they are in Oklahoma.

"Labor Conquers All Things" is Oklahoma's motto.

Carrie Underwood is from Oklahoma
door artist*at*heart 2 februari 2011
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