No Fucking Word
Like most of the bullshit people write on this site.
like NFW exists you mofolickerrobeasttwinkfagboy
door hacker XXX 6 mei 2003
no fucking way

an abbreviation that i just made up...eventhough people probally already use it it wasent defined
OMG you mom thinks there balloons....NFW!!
door Jemma 3 februari 2005
No fudging way!
aimLoZeR:i got a pupee
door TheWiggidy 12 oktober 2003
Newbie f***wit. Old school acronym. Some people are twits, some are f***wits, but more often than not, n00bs are the biggest fw's. Thus the term, nfw.
That guy Sean is a clueless nfw.
door Kristian™ 29 oktober 2007
Not For Work
Save it when you are jacking off at your OWN house.
door Carlito 7 oktober 2004

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