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The abbreviation for the word: Newbie: An inexperienced or new player that has the lack of skill usually in Online Games. Used common in insulting other players when they are not professional.
Brian: Hey, you're level 16!
Hugo: Shut up, level 5 Newb...
door annonymously annonymous 5 september 2006
17 43
A person who is not very good at the game they are playing. Often get Pwned by Kyle, well not often, they always do.
G: Dooooode u just pwned that newb.
door Kdizzy 3 januari 2008
2 29
one who is new to the video gaming community. one who is generally p'wned by all.
peter is a newb at world of warcraft
door Al Downes 31 oktober 2006
6 33

1. A popular slang word in Internet gaming, used to insult and demean an opposing gamer as if they were inexperiened or completely inept at their respective game.

(Newb derives from Newbie. noob, nub, n00b are all acceptable substitutions for newb. It is commonly thought today that noob predates newb, which is incorrect. Real newbs have created a rift between the words newb and noob, which in reality is a mistake because they are synonyms. It is believed in the last 2 years with the emergence of kids born post-1990 in the gaming world that noob has become the more popular of the two because these newbs are searching for their own identity and 'original' word.
3lite H4x0r: stfu stop being a newb
newb 14 year old: lol ur a noob.
door Ken is teh pwn 26 september 2006
16 48
someone that's new to something and is bad at it
Josh your such a newb at cricket.
door Paul Niklas 21 december 2006
3 36
people like me who make an urbandictionary username, then forget how to sign in -_- (this is my second screenname.)
hoogli is a newb!!!1!!!11
door hoogli2 9 maart 2006
30 63
a small but sexy beast
elisha cuthbert is a newbs!
door Ali and Ralph 24 mei 2008
32 73