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1.a word used to describe something that you find cool; to have pizazz; to posses a lot of amazingness.
2. to have pattern. (but it's more fun to use it to describe something that doesn't have any type of pattern/rhythm just to piss off your art teacher =]
whoa! look at that girl's outfit. it has a lot of motif.
door peach =] 8 januari 2009
31 14
A word used to call women fat.
Molly looks motif in that dress today.
door Jamarcus Alfonsaico 25 mei 2009
5 25
Nearly or all of the usual complement of teeth in an adult head; at least 24 teeth; at least 12 teeth (West Virginia)
"My buddy would eat corn on the cob mo' often if he had motif."
door DJ Snickaz 2 april 2003
17 45
Any object

Dedicated to Holly Fretwell
e.g. thats a nice little motif (thats a nice top)
door Becky and Amy 11 december 2006
7 40