A woman's clitoris; A fuck boy;A Grade-A D-Bag

See fuck boy
Jee,Johnny is such a mook

last night I got to touch her mook
door loco chickita 22 mei 2015
One really beautiful girl and one badass bitch!
Watch out for that mook
door 5242drew 14 mei 2015
A mook is Travis. Plain and simple.
Travis is a mook
door Thommmmmmmmmmas 28 maart 2015
A person who drinks up all your juice
Chile im boutta hide this Simply orange juice with banana cause that mook finna come over.
door Zda 21 februari 2015
When a dog starts to growl & shows his/her teeth.
Be careful, Rover is starting to mook at that other dog.
door Endowed With Wisdom 16 februari 2015
A fucking idiot someone that is so stupid your IQ drops just for being around them.
Your a fucking mook
door Aye Yo Bitch 15 februari 2015
A lightskin boy with big lips, who is especially good at "eating girls out".
Oh girl, you know my man Tyquan a mook.
door GDFOLK 8 december 2014

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