A crying little pussy emo goth bitch.
Men shouldn't have b00bs!!
door Elvis Stallone 4 februari 2005
A shock-rock artist, who uses a rip-off goth image and merged with Lavayan Satanism. In order to make alot of cash off little girls with too much eyemake up who consider him goth

Manson is not goth, never has been and never shall he be. He's simpy the latest Alice Cooper.
Littlegirl: "ooohoooh! I love goth, Manson is the bestest!"

Goth: *blank stare of horror*
door Manwaring 24 oktober 2004
To clear several things up No he doesn't worship Satan the leader of the church of satan made him a minister as an act of friendship in no way does he actually worship satan. On a breif side note satanism makes more sense than Christianity because it wasn't written by an invisible parent or carpenter zombie for the ideals and beliefs of an ancient Roman civilization. This is a much better guide to living your life in modern America than the bible.
Moron: OMF D00D you listens to teh Marilyn Manson he worshipzors satan ju kno!

Real Manson fan: Your an idiot go play in traffic.
door RobScheflo 17 december 2007
A man with a vision and the courage to chase it to no end. With no fear of public reprisal, a man outside the system. A new morality, a new era in Shock Rock. Musically the band didn't have much going. But, the simple riffs set the mood for Marilyns true art, lyrics. This man single handedly exposed our nations weaknesses, our flaws, our insecurities; and said; Face your FEARS. Take responsibility for whats yours.
The Right winged movement breathed a deep sigh of relief, for they had Marylin Manson as their scapegoat.
Alice Cooper showed us Shock Rock in the 70's 80's
Kiss furthered things along in 80s to 90s
And then, the coming of THE Antichrist, a worm was born. And so Marilyn Manson fuels the machine, The 90s will never be the same!

Are you one of the Beautiful People?
door 77Blueman99 25 november 2006
I like the man, not the music. He's a very intelligent human being and has great ideas/opinons, but the music is no more "shocking" than my fecal matter.
A) Woah, I heard Manson in a interview, he's one smart mother fucker.

B) *Listens to Murder* Meh, it's been done before.
door calvinownsj00 29 juli 2005
Marilyn Manson is a talented singer and musician. I admit that for years I was a huge fan of his music and his dark gothic image. Although I still love his music I have come around to the point where I have to agree with everyone who says they dislike Marilyn Manson on a personal level. Seriously, the guy is just a really big douche. He actually came out in an interview and openly admitted that he hates all of his own music. So, yeah, when people say he hates all of his fans, it's true. He pretty much thinks that we're all really dumb for buying into anything he does. And,he's totally fake and lies about pretty much everything. A lot of stuff he wrote in "Long Hard Road out of Hell" isn't even true. He has never used drugs. His actual girlfriend was incredibly angelic and sweet and wouldn't even mosh at his concerts, although they liked to lie and say she did. Apparently he liked her because she was "ambitious" though. And oh, by the way, this is another thing that makes Marilyn Manson a huge douche. He says the only women he likes are ones who are "ambitious" and "confident." And then in the next breath he says that he really loves Kim Kardashian. So, we all really know that what he's actually saying is: "I like chicks as long as they have lots of money." That's what he actually means by "I like confidence and ambition more than any body part." He's saying he is only turned on by rich women. Believe me I know this to be true from personal experience.
Marilyn Manson is a great musician. Buy all of his albums and listen to them, it's well worth it. Don't bother reading "Long Hard Road out of Hell" though, that book is total crap.
door anonymous xyz 30 december 2013
A band that peaked in the 90's with some truly brilliant music, made an alright 4th album, then went to hell with "Eat Me Drink Me," and has since disappeared from the public due to the "look at me do cocaine and bitch about my ex girlfriends" attitude that has replaced all the great image and lyrical creativity that was Marilyn Manson (the front man.) This refers solely to Manson himself, and not great musicians that currently write and tour with him. Please come back Manson.
Me: Have you ever listened to Marilyn Manson?

Acquaintance: Like, the Beautiful People?

Me: No. Go listen to songs like Reflecting God, 1996, Fuck it, just listen to the obscure shit!!
door dicknugget 24 oktober 2011
Prophet of Celebritarianism, the study of postmodern idolatry of celebrity martyrdom.
Everything else Marilyn Manson has done is secondary to this message.
door Benjamin Ingram 9 juni 2007

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