Top Definition
In this forum thread.
forum topic: ITT we make fun of you
door fuckyouanddie 2 mei 2003
Usually done in all caps, it is the first post on a fourm
It directly mean In This Thread
ITT definitions of itt
door ss gif 19 januari 2008
Intense Testicular Tension
What I did last night caused me some ITT.
door The fat one. 13 augustus 2009
I think that...
ITT I'm wrong compared to popular opinion but I'll post this definition anyway.
door Markavian 19 mei 2009
In total truth
ITT, I don't like her.
door alehaf 25 augustus 2009
i'd tap that...if you don't know what that means i'm surprised.
erica - oh..ITT
caileigh - what?
erica - i'd tap that
caileigh - alright thennn ericaaa.
door ITT 28 mei 2008
ITS TURBO TIME! and that's it
ITT: black people (nigs)
door h8niggers 19 februari 2008
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