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Abbreviation for how 'bout now? Usually used when txting impatiently.
"Have you left yet?"


door superfille 18 juli 2008
24 8
How Bout NO?
"Hi, can you ring me back, I've got no more credit."
"Errrr... HBN."
door pikavu 23 maart 2010
21 9
"Hefty By Nature". When you eat or make a food item fatter than it already is. Or when you pig out to the point of exhaustion or pain.
Omg, chocolate dipped bacon is so HBN.
door HBN Master 10 december 2009
23 14
hells bitch no
dude are you hungry hbn i just ate
door cvrt ops 21 juni 2010
8 5
H.B.N. (Hater By Nature):
Someone who is a hater in any and every given scenario. It is in their genes to hate on something that isn't affiliated with them.
Guy 1: Dude, I just won the lottery!
Guy 2: Ha. Cool dude. .... you're still fat and ugly.
Guy 3: Hey Guy 2, youre just an H.B.N. Suck a c0ck.
door Kliiiink B 28 oktober 2010
8 6
Hate by numbers
When I told some of my Cracked cohorts that this week’s HBN was going to be about Will Smith, I was met with much shock and alarm.
door BruslyTiger 7 augustus 2008
3 12