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its a pretty rad town if you know the right people and good places to go, like maudes and the atlantic/ the top/ common grounds/ 1982/ the thomas center and just walk downtown,

good place to find hipsters/crusties,

people that drink pbr, blue moon etc, wear flannel tees, american apperal and Engineering,ride fixed gear bikes at all times. have a diverse and eclectic music selection/ shows, smoke good bud and are either enlightening and intellectually friendly, or stuffy and arrogant aka 'wastes'

those who smoke cigarettes, which are normally camel filters, American spirits, sky dancers, or L&Ms, call them stoges. some pretty cool hippie chicks live in gainesville, but you just have to find them. talk to some of them and they will blow your mind with their thoughts.

i dont have the energy to socially break down anyone else, but you get the point.

its also super easy to go to lame places or scary places like :08, the venue, liquid, frat parties, gator game tail gates and others.

choose wisely
gainesville florida, godamn idk
door ceilings 12 december 2010
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