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The powerful and exclusive attraction to fucking the shit out of another person in which there is no desire for long term commitment, romance, or 'being in love'. Nevertheless, the passion and desire of a typical crush is fully present in a fush.
(Katie leans over at the hips to the desk on her left as she talks to a friend)

Jonathan: I must devour that.

Larry: ya but don't you want to fuck 70% of the girls in our grade anyway?

Jonathan: Those round, supple, meaty cheecks are apparent to any and all with sight, so it must be blindness that has caused you to not see the difference between Katie's ass and all other girl's asses.

Larry: Dude, Katie's ass has got you fushing on her hard.
door Shoogooboogoo 27 juni 2012
70 20
New Zealand pronounciation for Fish
Im gunna get me some Fush N Chups??
door Brother_Number_One 22 augustus 2003
63 25
The New Zealand pronuciation for Fish
Joe the Kiwi goes fishing and says: Look! I Caught a Fush
door BRrOO 6 mei 2009
20 14
Fack U So Hard
'Fuck Off
-Wtf? FU!
door Vipee 19 april 2010
21 25
hybrid of Fuck Off and Shush
Monika did not even have the energy to say shush...fuck off...instead it just came out as "Fush!!!!"
door jobo1415 2 november 2010
5 11
The chatspeak way to spell "fish".
OMGZZZ WERES DA FUSH??!?!?!?111one
door Jun-Jun the Spoon 29 mei 2007
11 17
A noun to describe the smell of a woman's genitalia in New Zealand
"Kerry, your genitalia smells like fush!"
door Lynn of Te Awamutu 21 mei 2009
3 11