Sex involving paint AND food. And no. you're NOT eating painted food.
When couple-few-many people having consensual sex acts involving food and paint is known as flarpy blunderguff. And again, NO one is eating painted food while having sex.

Getting naked, getting covered in paint, add some food and sex and everyone's happy!
door HappyLilClam 17 januari 2014
Top Definition
Word made up by CBS for the show Criminal Minds. Episode titled The Black Queen, aired 01-05-14. Show hinted it was a sexual act involving food and oil based paint. Fans quickly searched the internet for a definition, but since it was a made up word, no definition exists. "Flarpy Blunderguff" quickly trended on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
"I'm going to tell you but first I have to explain in explicit, sexually inappropriate detail what a flarpy blunderguff is." -Penelope Garcia
door 18 januari 2014
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