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A term used by dancers to describe a task that is performed perfectly, a perfect situation, an outstanding piece of clothing, or anything of excellence.
"That girl just did ten needle turns!"
"Oh, feece."
door inexoracacious 17 februari 2010
2 7
This word is a synonym for the word "son" in the French language.
There is mon Feece! Come running to me, mon Feece!
door Peter Amschel 5 november 2007
5 14
Bloody diarrhea
Bloody poop/crap
I took a big dump, and feece came out.
door travisimo 15 november 2006
2 18
A kid who takes it in the ass by a male pittbull
while all his friends laugh and video tape, to take it to
school the next day to show all of their friends.
Feece got raped by shady(zachs dog).
door Chaz, pono 3 december 2006
6 25