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Someone who is fark-ing retarded.
George W. Bush is such a Farktard he thinks that the war in Iraq ended before it even began.
door Lisa Smith 6 mei 2004

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Somebody who uses memes from Fark. Derives from fucktard, similar to /b/tard.
"It's a TRAP!"

"Stop being such a farktard, you faggot. GTFO! Incidentally, XDD ROFL TEH CAEK IS A LIE LOL /PORTAL"

"Shove it up yo ass."
door Max W. Gore 1 maart 2008
anyone that uses the word dipshit
ryan cooper called him a dipshit
door Anonymous 14 februari 2003
Anyone Ryan Cooper considers a complete dumbass or dipshit

...or uses anal in phrases...
You're all farktards!
door coopstain 14 februari 2003