Top Definition
1. to go away, leave, escape
-This kid tried to duck out from the fight.
-The cops tried to catch me but I ducked out through the back door
door Mic Check 30 augustus 2005
A way of telling some to go away.
Duck out man you're annoying me!
door kelsey 12 maart 2005
falling asleep; nodding off. when you duck out your head droops and you start falling asleep. you might fall asleep, or you might wake back up suddenly and jerk your head back up because you realize you are falling asleep.
you very well may do this when you are loaded.
"hahah look at ronnie. he did so many of those xanax that hes ducking out on ms. chris's couch"

duck out
#ducking out #duck out #loaded #sleeping #falling asleep
door sd.nlnl 17 januari 2010
Where someone expresses how good something is.
#awesome #cool #sweet #rad #mint
door TheUrbanVoodoo 15 januari 2011
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