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1) The capital city of the republic of Ireland.
2) One of the counties of Ireland.
They are from Dublin.
door Dmitrysimpson 25 januari 2006
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A large preppy upper class suburb northwest of Columbus,Ohio. Dublin is home to many corporations such as Nationwide and Wendy's. It is also known for its milf's and the hottest girls in central Ohio. Dublin is a suburban paradise for white collar highly educated professionals with its clean, safe, and community oriented atmosphere. With great schools and plenty to do Dublin is a very appealing place to live.
Carly: OMGz I'm like soo bored want to go to the mall?
Ashlee: Yeah lets go to Tuttle Crossing.
Carly: Nah let's go to Polaris because us being from Dublin will be hotter than every girl there!
Ashlee: Oh yeah thats sooo true!!
door Wotown4L 15 augustus 2005
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the Capitol city of Ireland.
located on the east coast, Dublin was originally a viking, then Anglo-Saxon port, because places like Dun-Laoghaire make ideal natural ports. the name comes from the Gaelic 'dubh linn' meaning black lake.

Dublin is home to almost half the 4.8 million people living in Ireland.

Dublin is traditionally divided into the more affluent south, and less affluent north sides by the liffy river.

notes for visitors:

Temple bar, in the middle of Dublin city has the best night life.

Defontain's in temple bar( on the right as you exit the allyway through the central bank) has the best pizza you will ever eat.

Traditional Irish food is just potatoes...don't bother.

Try the pubs, but they're not all good... choose carefully.

there are no leprechauns in Ireland. If you ask about them you're liable to quickly end a conversation.

The countryside, like with many countries, is nice to look at, but none too interesting.

Ireland is expensive, by any countries standards. notably, Alcohol, clothes, and taxis are well above average.

good craic is not an illigal substance, it's slang for fun.
Dublin is the capitol of Ireland

door paulred2 3 januari 2009
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1. A psuedonym for a chick so hot that she causes you to have an erection; ie, causes your dick to be "dublin."

2. A pick-up line. (See below)

3. Opposite of "nubblin," which is a chick so ugly that she causes shrinkage, or makes your junk turtle.
At the bar: "Hey baby, you must be from Ireland, 'cause you're so fine, I'm dublin."
door Jurisdawg 8 maart 2013
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the last few pulls on a doob, usually searing hot and fit only for the burnt-to-fuck lips of Dobby.
The word comes from a gradual development of 'nubbins' to 'nublins' and finally 'dublins', so called because of the tutting noise made as the smoker desperately tries to cool their burnt lips. however this usually and inevitably ends in a rancid brown burnt on the tokers lips.
Dave: *cough* Who's got dublins on this?
(passes spliff)
Dobby: yes...
door lesserlads 6 juli 2010
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A rich suburb northwest of Columbus, Ohio. Hated on by surrounding 'burbs because it is obviously the best. Known for the affluent neighborhood Muirfield because it hosts the annual Memorial Tournament, a stop on the PGA tour. You are probably surrounded by 3 golf courses at any point in the city. Dublin is also home to Wendy's, Nationwide, and Cardinal Health. Jerome is the best high school, and has won many academic awards as well as state titles in lacrosse, golf, hockey and tennis. Coffman is full of sluts but they're good at football. No one cares about the druggies at Scioto.
"Honey, maybe we should move to Hilliard" - wife

"Do you want our daughter to be a pregnant drug addict by age 15? No we're moving to Dublin." - husband
door GoCelts 13 maart 2013
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Dublin Ohio, an affluent suburb located outside Columbus. Where police hand out three times more citations than any other Columbus suburb. Where not recieving a parking pass in the school lottery is grounds for tears, then a pass home for the day. A city where people brag about the mall, without sarcasm. Want to blast 50 Cent from your new Civic that your father bought you? You'll feel right at home, call it a whip for the win. There is however a high population of attractive mom's and highschool girls. Wear an Alligator polo(color popped)for your best shot.
Blake: (picks up book, opens)
Ashley: (sits up and looks excited and curiously)
Ashley: You Read!?!?
Blake: um... yeah
Ashley: For Fun?!?
Blake: yeah
Ashley: That's SOO COOL! I've never met anyone who reads for fun before!

Only in Dublin.
door Jim Easy 4 oktober 2005
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