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When a car is lowered
"Damn dawg, that car is dropped"
door Sarah 16 juni 2004
28 23
taking extacy or what ppl call e pills or people from the yay area call it tizzin
damn last night i dropped n went hella dumby at da side show
door BalliNxPinoY 27 september 2006
11 7
Just came out, debut, just released.
Man, that new NaS CD this dropped!
door Chi Smith 28 maart 2005
6 4
(past v.) To be removed from the active roster. This can apply to music artists, sport stars etc.
He is dropped

That band is dropped.
door Kung-Fu Jesus 16 mei 2004
8 6
To announce you no longer want to be with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
Listen Renee you smell so bad, you're dropped!
door Andrew Tan 14 juli 2005
4 3
Drunk and Chopped
Man that dude is dropped as hell
door dubcity10 1 mei 2011
1 1
Dropped - To trip somebody or take them to the ground with ease
Andy: Guess who had a fight today

Samantha: Who?

Andy: Tyler and Sean

Samantha: dead ass? Who one?

Andy: Tyler did, he dropped that nigga when he stalled on him
door Guarangochango 17 april 2011
0 0