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This Word Comes From damn And idiot.
You Fucking Didiot! Why Would You Do Such A Stupid Thing?
door Profe Tonta 21 januari 2005
a dumb idiot
I can't believe Sally fell for that line! She is such a didiot!
door Zillionaire Z 17 oktober 2008
Someone who exhibits two times the stupidity of a normal idiot
"Did you see her grade on the last test?"
"Yeah, she got a 4%, she's a didiot"
door Moo00oo00oo00 15 april 2009
Some who is dumber than an idiot. Also used for a shortened version of dumber than an idiot.
Those D'idiots! Only someone dumber than an idiot would horseplay while running on the edge of a cliff!
door chocolatejavgrl14 21 juni 2012
did the idiotic thing
the extreme of an idiot will be an didiot.
door r1verside 27 september 2009
its a person being a dick and a idiot at the same time. cheryls are the original didiot.
erin:"Your such a didiot!"
door hipopotamus fishy 3 februari 2011
a cross between dipshit and idiot.
see Maria and Sara,
they are didiots.
door Mia... 15 september 2007