An American Motorcycle Association motorcycle club
American Dawgs, Road Dawgs
door Capt. Ahab 20 oktober 2007
University of Washington Huskies
Bow Down to Washington

door Woflie 2 februari 2005
A lame ghetto term that boys refer to other men who they consider close friends.
"Yo, dawg', wassa?"
door Kate 11 februari 2004
dog, can mean anything from 'close friend' to 'you peice of trash' but it doesn't have to be send to a person of an Afro-American race, it can be said to anyone of anyrace.
'Whats up dawg' or 'f!@# you dawg'
door Nic 23 november 2003
person, man
yo dawg that was awesome
door Tommy 2 mei 2003
Acronmy meaning:



That pasty ass white boy wants to be black, what a Dawg.
door Hungtoknee 3 mei 2010
Dumb Ass White Guy
Wazzup dawg?
door Rocket Dawg 4 december 2008

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