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n. Crappy chicken nuggets that leigh makes for her little sister. Similar to the school chicken nuggets.
Wow, those crap nuggets taste like...crap!
door concerned citizen 10 februari 2003
The head of a Marijuana plant that when smoked, has a bad taste.
This Marijuana is pure crap nuggets.
door John Port 12 september 2003
hence a nugget full of crap.
hence Adrielle's (who is a sketchgasm) face is a crap nugget hence her face is a nugget full of crap.
door Olivia S. 22 januari 2008
Used to express pain or shock. It was a rare phrase but became more common when Metroman used it in Megamind.
Crap nuggets!
door Trisha1 13 september 2016
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