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a deadly disease that little girls give little boys by way of physical contact, especially kisses
oh my goodness!!!!! jill gave johnny coodies!!!! he's a goner :-(
door jello.orgy.massacre 14 juni 2009
198 72
a young girl's greatest fear of boys... sperm
ew! jonny's coodies are EVERYWHERE!
door Lizzzzzzzz 17 maart 2006
95 94
Off branch of a family that originated in Louisiana. It started off as "cody" but the extra "o" was added to seperate the family after a fight. The family split.
Family fights never end well.for example "coody" and "cody"..
door Purpledragonfly 29 januari 2009
5 6
When your friends won't touch you because of the dirtyness one recieves after being with someone of the opposite sex that they are jealous of.
Get away! You have BLEAM COODIES!!
door Pixi, Trixi, Dixi 17 januari 2005
59 66
another word for cool, amazing, good, or simply when you're agreeing on something
friend one: im no longer grounded

friend two: coodies!
door trippy[psycho] 10 juli 2008
23 106
when your butt has pimples all over.
Your freakin butthas coodies.
door TEXAS 22 april 2005
22 119