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to be a gay, lesbian, bi or queer person who hides their true sexual orientation from the public and those around them. often for fear of persecution, rejection, others' reactions, but not always for negative reasons. some would just as soon not come out or see no reason to.
jerry's gay, but he stays closeted to avoid losing his teaching job.
door dagger_grrl 11 oktober 2003
174 36
A repressed homosexual or bi-sexual who may or may not 'come out of the closet' and disclose their sexuality. They may be 'outed' against their will.

Also refers to a homosexual or bi-sexual who is experiencing self denial.

"he is so closeted that he thinks he is in Narnia"
door LizzieHHH 22 december 2007
38 17
Not me.
I'm not cloested.
door DaMan 6 november 2003
41 165