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Usually a Baseball team's best relief pitcher. He comes in for the last inning to "shut the door" on the other team and preserve a tight game when his team is on top. As opposed to breaking balls and offspeed junk, he usually comes in and throws his outstanding fastball and, typically, slider.
The 8th inning is the real last chance for our sox to fight back. Mariano Rivera (most acclaimed closer ever) is warming up in the bullpen.
door Amaury Warfield 30 september 2005
23 13
The name used for someone who has a clutch role in any situation, similar to a closer in pro baseball.
Come on Papelbon, we’re counting on you to get the weed for the 4am blunt to smoke before we pass out tonight.

You’re in charge of making dessert for our high feast. Unless you can’t handle the pressure of being the closer…

Call me a closer cuz I always seal the deal in the bedroom!
door Syracuse JOHNSON 16 december 2009
11 2
When you close a deal or get something done like get or mack a fine ho
i macked that bitch, im going to make coffee because coffee is for closers. Remember your ABC's. Always be closing
door coles 14 september 2003
9 3
Always closing the deal. Ya hook up with the kid once and 2 days later he is at your Family Christmas. Serial Daters. Usually pretty boring people considering they always have a significant other.
Sarah: They have a dog together? Didn't she just meet that guy last night?!
Holly: Yeah shes a closer.
door shankershank 5 januari 2011
2 0
Someone who ends all group chats or social events when they show up because nobody likes them. They "close" the social event.
Dude, watch out for the closer, we cant have her at our party.
door Eddy S. 15 oktober 2007
6 5
In basketball, the player who comes in in late-game situations with a lead to protect. The closer prevents the other team from coming back by sinking clutch shots, drawing fouls, and making big plays on D. See Kobe Bryant
Man I thought for sure the Suns were gonna come back, but then Phil Jackson sent the closer back out and I knew we were done.
door Roy109 15 juni 2010
1 1
One of the enemies in Silent Hill 3. The Closer is a tall creature with ball-like hands, a seizuring and penis-like head, and very tall legs almost pointy. Attacks by using its hands that emit a tongue, or by spinning its hands around crudely.
"I think it has this name because its height beings it a little 'closer' to Heaven than most others."
door Dave 15 september 2004
10 16