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someone who is normal through the year but around Christmas time wants to do it like crazy. Under Christmas lights, Christmas trees, while watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, in a bed of poinsettias, ect.
Person 1: Is it just me or do those christmas lights look really sexy hot.
Person 2: Oh my word Sarah, you are such a Christmas Whore!
door S_J88 8 december 2008
25 3
Some one that is cheap all year but will do what ever it takes to have a big bang at Christmas.
My husband is cheap as shit all year but the Christmas Whore found the money to buy all the kids I-phones and Mac computers.

That Christmas Whore is totally screwed for what they spent.

A Christmas Whore will do anything for a good time and pay afterwards.
door yellatail 21 november 2010
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