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a state of ultimate chill and relaxation.

See chill, relax
I was at home chillaxin' like a fiend
door Chris da Homie 11 januari 2004
460 70
Chilling and relaxing.
He was just chillaxing at his place last night.
door Joseph 6 juni 2003
280 111
A combination of Chilling out and Relaxing
Me and my friend are Chillaxing Later Tonite.
door Joe 9 september 2003
105 49
simply a word to describe an ultimate feeling of relaxation and chilled outness
i would love to make an effort but im chillaxing
door sandy bobby 5 mei 2007
71 27
The act of chilling out while in a relaxed mood. ;)
hey you wanna come over to my place and do some chillaxing in the basement.
door Urby 29 maart 2008
35 20
relaxing and achieving calm simultaneously. Source: context from use by Karith Foster post on Facebook. May not be primary origin.
I am finally chillaxing, after a massive week of double shifts at work, sipping a perfect mimosa on the patio watching the hummingird birds from my chaise longue
door Cream Abdul jaBeer 10 maart 2009
20 7
chilling&relaxing. best of both worlds =]
Me and CJ were chillaxing at school.
door ZoE S. 24 mei 2005
48 43