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"chi chi" is patois for termite (pest) and is a derogotary term for a homo-sexual. i.e. a gay person is as low as a termite
"chi chi man fi dead"
"bun out the chi chi"
door G Flex 16 september 2003
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Manchester has alot of chi chi men
door NiggaNig 27 oktober 2003
gay men
ussually used by reggae homophobic people.
no chichi man in jamaica.
door joooo 23 juni 2006
a gay person
ateef, stop being a chichiman and leave the bwoy alone!
door atif 14 oktober 2003
A caribbean term which means homosexual
he is such a huge chichiman
door john smithie 13 juni 2006
Complete gay boy
That boy Darren is a chi chi man
door Jamain 19 mei 2003

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