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Someone with intensely bright red/orange hair usually accompanied by lack of skin pigment, general soullessness and other such classic attributes.
He's not a ginger man, he's a cheddar.
door Beelzemuff 31 augustus 2012
5 4
Another word for 'Cheers' because it sounds like it and it's like all the rage nowadays.
'Here's your CD'

door gobleosbls 23 november 2011
4 3
currency, money
"I'd invest in those stocks, but I lost all my cheddar in Las Vegas."
door derecki 3 oktober 2008
2 2
a smoothly paved road, great for any type of skating
dude that hills so cheddar
door thirdlegjohnson 10 juli 2011
0 3
A replacement for the word mate.
Hows it going cheddar
door philio_spesh_4 24 juni 2009
4 7
Slang term for Marijuana near the Pennsylvania and Ohio border.
Somebody go buy the Cheddar for the party tonight.
Roll that Cheddar up.
door bigronniloc 13 juni 2009
8 11
a term used in baseball when a pitcher is throwing hard.
Damn this kid is pumpin cheddar!
door geiga 28 januari 2009
14 17