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A word for which the acronym is CP.
That catholic priest was watching CP on his PC
door Lollerc0a5t3r 15 februari 2011
38 81
Cool dudes who forgive your sins and give you Jesus in holy Communion. They usually wear black clothes with a white collar.
Catholic priests number over 500,000 in the world.
door ScottX 23 november 2007
328 54
A cleric whose chief powers, according to the Roman Church, are to forgive sins in God's Name and to confect the Holy Eucharist.
My cousin is a Catholic priest. He loves to hear confessions and say Mass. He is one smart and cool dude!
door ScottX 23 november 2007
351 120
a group of people who everyone thinks are pedophiles when the majority of them aren't
Catholic priests are all pedophiles!

door twinkletows 15 augustus 2010
60 42
1. pedophile, child raper
2. male member of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy
Man, I saw this loli walking around outside unattended. Lucky for her I'm not a Catholic Priest.
door filipino phil 27 september 2010
120 144
That catholic priest diddled them all there innocent childs!
door PissLip 26 maart 2008
166 273
See - "Devil in a black coat"
"Run children, guard your backsides. Here comes the catholic pervert priest"
door Bill Finn 11 november 2003
221 461