The Gay State
All the faggots live in California !!!
door Faggot 11 april 2004
State that gives homage to five types of people:

1) Preppy, blonde, cell-phone clad seventeen year old girls.
2) Rejected goths and skater punks/dudes
3) Corrupt Politicians
4) Celebrities
5) Soccer Moms
1: Oh, how do you like my new leather coat?

Oh, girl, it's so the rage this season. Like, oh my god!

2: Dude, you wanna go crash the mall?
door Sage 22 december 2003
That place where all the hippies go to get arrested.
"Man, let's all go to California, where everyone is free!" -Random hippies, bikers, and gay people

"On today's agenda for the State of California, we will now increase the penalty to required life imprisonment for someone who pees on the lawn in his third conviction. No exceptions for homeless people, pregnant women, little kids, or people with medical disorders." -California politicians
door mew723 13 mei 2015
One of the states in the United States, it's also the 3rd largest in terms of area and is the 1st in terms of population. It's also one of the dumbest states in America since it creates and passes some of the most useless, illogical and money-wasting laws and regulations and the people are stupid.

For example, some of the areas in California are trying to pass laws that forces porn stars to wear condoms. The voters are some of the dumbest in America since they are the ones who support these dumb laws via petitions or voting them in. Californians also love free stuff but they hate paying for them. This leads me to another point, the people are idiotic.

The natives of California are some of the most politically correct, culturally relativist dumbasses in the entire world. They claim that they are "open-minded" in order to make themselves feel better about themselves and they think that everyone's opinions are valid, but they contradict themselves since they don't think that the opinions of racists, neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, etc. are valid.

They also suck at debating since they insist on using statements such as "it's their culture" when discussing another culture. Hey morons, some cultures practice things such as infanticide, racism, sexism, and sometimes, slavery and even cannibalism. Hell, a few cultures still executes people on charges of witchcraft. This is pretty atrocious stuff but I wouldn't be surprised if they accept this crap.
California is one of the biggest IQ-lowering states out there due to the idiotic people. The taxes don't help either and neither do the insane people. They pass dumb laws and regulations all the time thanks to the "below-average-IQ" population.
They also are so relativist that it makes it infuriating when debating them since it goes nowhere.

They are so obsessed with their "open-minded", non-racist" image that it infuriates everyone. Bringing up negative aspects of various cultures always stumps them since supporting these practices by saying things such as "it's their culture" makes them look like monsters and if they don't support them, they contradict themselves.
door Digital Preacher 26 januari 2015

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