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when a pretty blonde girl does something steriotypically "blonde" ie: walking into a pole, not getting a joke, or getting it slower than other people, and/or saying lots of "likes" in the same sentence
oh my god, i like totally had a blonde moment, i just tripped over your dog and then i landed on your boyfriends penis...sorry
door E dawg 15 februari 2004
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A flash of momentary stupidity.
"I had a blonde moment as I attempted to recall what that little boot-shaped country was called."
door Brie 5 oktober 2003
when a girl,not always blonde acts stupid,or naive sometimes,turning into a stereotypical blonde
Guy:Have you thought about the mysteries in life?

Girl in blonde moment:Yes,like why the orange isn’t an apple.

door foursouls1 27 april 2009
You ever felt really stupid for an instant? Yeah, that was blonde moment.
Example of a blonde moment:
Jeff: "What station is that?"
Dan: "97.5"
Jeff: "Is that V103?"
door Tha Pyngwyn 28 september 2003
Something that happens to someone (who is not always blonde) that makes them feel dumb.
Brunette: Could you grab the olive oil for me?

Blonde: ohhhh...olive oil like OLIVES!!! Is olive oil made from olives??!

Brunette: duh. are you retarded?

Blonde: no, that was just a blonde moment.
door Katie C. 14 november 2006
I am a blonde, k. And I am very intelligent. But, like all blondes, I have blonde moments. Also called a BM

Blonde moments are brief periods of
1.) Upmost Stupidity
2.) Talking Bollocks
3.) Being Slow on The Uptake
4.) Stupid Randomess
Example Of Blonde Moment 1.) Upmost Stupidity

Blonde Person: Whats the time?
Normal Person: Its time you got a watch
Blonde Person: *Shows watch* But I alredy have one.

Example Of Blonde Moment 2.) Talking Bollocks
This one is really hard to explain unless you actually do it or see someone doing it. Its can also be jumbling your words up.

Normal Teacher: Whats a alliteration
Blond Person: Its one of those poems where deres a word going down and de lines starting from da letters. *thinks* No thats Acrostic Poems
Other Student: Miss shes talking bollocks again!
Blond: Must of been a BM

Example Of Blonde Moment 3.) Being Slow On The Uptake

Friend 1: Noo Katie you cant come on the bus to the town with us
Friend 2: Yeah we aint got enough money to pay for you
Blonde Person: I wil pay
Friend 1: Noo noo! Katie im sorry!
Blond Person: Honestly I will pay!
Friend 2 leans over and hisses: We dont want katie with us! We can afford it!
Blonde Person: Oh.... Bm!

Example Of Blonde Moment 4.) Stupid Randomness
Dude: Dudette your a cheeze muffin
*later that day*
Everyone Else: Okayyyyyyy
door Cinderninja 2 mei 2008
A moment in time were a stupid action is done or a stupid question is asked that only blonde people would do. Blonde moments happen to any one.
Example1: the teacher explains that you have to write what is on the board, and then the teacher asks "Any questions" and a student ask "what do we have to do?"
Example2: a student comes in late then asks "can i go to the bathroom?"
Example3:when you repeat something some one said in class seconds after the person said you just had a blonde moment
door Emir Lopez 10 februari 2008
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