1 kilo of cocaine, plural version would be "BIRDS"
ive got only about a half a bird left untill i holler at spanish jose later this evening
door crispy chris the barber 19 augustus 2007
The word.
B-b-b-bird bird bird, Bird is the word.
door Sliadonii 23 maart 2010
The bird is the word.
The bird is the word.
door iLame 7 september 2011
a female slot,hore or stuff like that
1.that girl is a bird

2. no shes not
1. yea look at her clothes
door spongeb0b 5 september 2011
A girl who has no ambitions in life. You will mainly find these women in 18+ clubs... But they just happen to be 23 years old.
Wasn't she just at the club yesterday? What a bird.
door Sicker than the Remix 30 juni 2011
the word
bird bird bird the bird is the word
door poopfacenumberone 15 december 2010
Your mom.
Ima go on and ask my bird if I can ride with you.
door Kelly Koz 5 maart 2009

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