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Another word for bitch. Can be used to call a friend.
1. You f**kin beotch. (insult)

2. What up beotch. (friends)
door NUKKA1 26 september 2003
472 167
also means "bitch"
P Diddy is a beotch.
door anonymous 12 april 2003
221 109
A word made up by minorities in a time when speech impediments and making up words was cool.
Beotch, whaddya smoking?
door Scandalous 23 september 2005
178 109
slang for bitch
stephanie sanders
door Griffin Cash 27 januari 2004
112 79
..it means good game in sweet latvia...
"beotch yesterday!"

as heard in the movie bench warmers
door bazookaman 29 februari 2012
12 7
describes a person who is either your close friend or infact a beotch.
hey beotch! your like so good at make up!

hey beotch. i hate you.
door Saggatoriustitactagrandmemah 19 maart 2009
8 3
Another, more PG rated, way to say bitch. Sometimes used jokingly for a girls bestest friend.
sally: "hey girl hey!"
anne: "hey be-otch!"

anne: "i have to go now"
sally: "ok bye, love you be-otch!"
door ilsicnasty<3 27 maart 2010
4 1