big boobed slut
i really want that bbs over there..
door 25 september 2003
Big Ball Sacks

Large testicles.
Get a feel of my BBS!
door Katie 27 februari 2005
belly button sex
the insertion of the penis into the belly button.
Amore bbsed with brian hopkins
door tomanda 20 februari 2003
belly button sex.
i want to have bbs!

can you get pregnant from bbs?
door taylor 20 februari 2003
Big Butt Syndrome.

Doesn't always mean the girl has a big butt currently, but after you check out her mom, you know you're in trouble.
That girl is hot.....except for that bbs.
door Argo 6 februari 2004
brain benders suck
i hate math, bbs
door fruitcake 14 december 2003
builders bum syndrome
omg that guy has got really bad BBS!!!
door monika smith 27 juli 2005

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