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A level of insanity that the word alone cannot justify. Usable as a prefix ("Batshit insane") or on its own.

Popularised by Something Awful, before it was rubbish.
"That Gay Farmers For Jesus site is completely batshit."
door Foul Egg 20 januari 2003
Off the deep end, crazy, insane. But worse.

See Gary Busey.
My mom has gone totally batshit; she tried to microwave our cat!
door HolyHeartFailure 5 september 2005
The state of being crazy
"That crazy mofo drives me bat shit."
#crazy #lunatic #insane #crack-brained #mad
door Christel 21 maart 2007
insane, wildly irrational (see also go batshit}, and batshit crazy)
The kid was batshit. No wonder nobody wants to be his friend.
door Light Joker 8 december 2004
extremely; very; to a degree beyond normal reckoning
bat-shit insane
door J Bindel 20 januari 2004
adj/adv. pejorative used to describe people or events that lack any sense of rationality or sanity.

N) Glen Beck
And what the fuck are you doing on television anyhow? Do you know I get calls every day from home thinking you went batshit (from the movie Casino).

Yeah, I watched the show today. Batshit started crying again.
#glen beck #wingnut #teabagger #tom cruise #ann coulter
door editor, fucked up dictionary 4 november 2009
The Shit of Bats, see also guano
I stepped on some bat shit
door Go 2 april 2003
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