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A famous song for Gay Men who enjoy being butt-fucked. or To be fucked in the anal area
Gay Man 1 : You wanna What What in the Butt?
Gay Man 2 : Hell yeah !!!
door Michelle Beezy 3 januari 2008
246 56
1)Song performed by a glitzy flamboyant man
2)Common phrase used by Butters on South Park
I said what what in the butt!
*man dancing suggestively*
door Earl Annie Edna 22 juli 2008
162 38
A song as made famous by leopold stoch (aka that little gay kid) in which he posts a video of him dancing on youtoob
Hey, its that little gay kid from the "what what in the butt" video
door Jimmy & Tate 5 april 2008
109 77
The title of a song by samwell which is a classic in porn music.
Have you heard what what in the butt?
door Deep blue 2012 29 augustus 2010
20 12

Similar to the train wreck phenomenon in where you witness or experience something horrific but are powerless to stop.
"Those vegan cupcakes were what what in the butt. I couldn't stop myself."
door Brook S. 8 april 2008
26 71