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A prison guard or jail guard.
Antoine yelled for more food until the turnkey walked up to his cell and told him to shut up.
door PMax 15 maart 2008
50 7
Something that is finished and ready to go. A car that has been completely restored and every detail is flawless. Being ready to go on a trip, bags packed, passport in hand, money in pocket.
Damm, look at that chevy, that things turn key.

Were leaving at 3 pm, you better be turn key or we will leave your ass.
door two hands 17 december 2007
21 6
A complete end to end solution requiring no additional effort.
The computer came with a tunrkey installation.
door FyrFytr 13 oktober 2003
42 32
A correctional officer
Hey turn key, this toilet is stopped up; may I use another cell.
door Griot 10 september 2010
5 0
An overused, overstated word that web designers use to emphasize services.
Complete turnkey solutions for your business!
door ekeyte 14 januari 2007
17 29
Work left to a competent source to complete, ready to go when needed.
It's a turnkey operation.
door indepman 12 oktober 2003
11 25
What you have to do once you place the key in the locked door knobe!
" TrunKey Now Beoitch"
door Cassie Montgomery 30 september 2003
5 58